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The Kid is a 2019 American semi-biographical western action film directed by Vincent D'Onofrio, from a screenplay by Andrew Lanham, and is executive produced by Carl Stubner, through Suretone Pictures.

The film centers around a young boy named Rio who forms an unlikely alliance with local sheriff Pat Garrett and infamous outlaw Billy the Kid in a mission to rescue his sister Sara from Grant Cutler, the boy’s thuggish uncle and gang leader who has kidnapped Sara for ransom.

"The Kid" was released in the United States on March 8, 2019, by Lionsgate Films.

Cast - Chris Pratt as Grant Cutler
          Ethan Hawke as Sheriff Pat Garrett
          Dane DeHaan as Billy the Kid
          Vincent D'Onofrio as Sheriff Romero
          Adam Baldwin as Bob Olinger
          Jake Schur as Rio Cutler
          Keith Jardine as Pete
          Chris Bylsma as Charlie Bowdre
          Clint Obenchain as Tom Pickett
          Chad Dashnaw as Dave Rudabaugh
          Charlie Chappell as Billy Wilson
          Joseph Santos as James George Bell
          Leila George as Sara Cutler
          Hawk D'Onofrio as Oran Moler
          Jenny Gabrielle as Mirabel

Release Date - March 8, 2019

Genre - Action, Thriller, Drama

Directed by - Vincent D'Onofrio

Produced by - Jordan Schur
                       David Mimran
                       Sam Maydew
                       Nick Thurlow

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