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The House of Tomorrow is a 2017 American independent drama film written and directed by Peter Livolsi. The film is based on Peter Bognanni's 2010 novel of the same name. It is Livolsi's directorial debut. Ellen Burstyn and Nick Offerman served as executive producers of the film.

Sebastian Prendergast lives in a dated tourist spot called the House of Tomorrow with his grandmother Josephine. Sebastian longs to leave his isolated existence which quickly changes when he meets Jared Whitcomb, a young up-and-coming punk rocker with a heart condition, and his sister Meredith. Inspired to rebel, Sebastian decides to pick up a guitar and join Jared in becoming a punk rock group.

Cast - Asa Butterfield as Sebastian Prendergast
          Alex Wolff as Jared Whitcomb
          Nick Offerman as Alan Whitcomb
          Ellen Burstyn as Josephine Prendergast
          Maude Apatow as Meredith Whitcomb
          Michaela Watkins as Mrs. Whitcomb
          Fred Armisen as Tour Video Narrator (voice)

Release Date - April 8, 2017 (San Francisco)
                        April 20, 2018 (United States)

Genre - Drama

Directed by - Peter Livolsi

Produced by - Tarik Karam
                       Danielle Renfrew Behrens

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