Olivia Newton-John's niece clarified that her aunt is in "good health"

Olivia Newton-John's niece clarified that her aunt is in
Olivia Newton-John, image credit Entertainment Tonight

As rumours of Australian singer Olivia Newton-John are surfacing on social media, the singer's niece clarified that her aunt, who is suffering from cancer, is in "good health".

"You can rest assured she is going nowhere and in really good health. A sick rumour" Fox News quoted Olivia's niece Tottie Goldsmith as saying.

Goldsmith also shared a photo with The 'Grease' star on Instagram, writing, "Just giving you the heads up that Livvy is in good health, so let's leave that distressing rumour where it belongs."

Last week, it was reported that Olivia's "bodily functions [appeared] to be shutting down" but that she was "clinging to life" to see her daughter, Chloe Lattanza, get married.

In September, the 70-year-old star revealed that her cancer had returned in the form of a tumour at the base of her spine and that she was using medical cannabis as a treatment for the illness.

Olivia was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 1992 and beat the disease. In 2013, she was diagnosed with a tumour in her shoulder.

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