Hard Powder

Hard Powder
'Hard Powder' poster

Hard Powder is an upcoming American action thriller film directed by Hans Petter Moland, from a screenplay by Frank Baldwin. The film is a loose remake of the Norwegian film In Order of Disappearance, also directed by Moland.

Cast - Liam Neeson as Nelson "Mr. Plow" Coxman

          Laura Dern

          Emmy Rossum

          Tom Bateman as Viking

          William Forsythe

          Julia Jones

          Domenick Lombardozzi as Mustang

          Raoul Trujillo as Thorpe

          Benjamin Hollingsworth as Dexter

          John Doman as Gip

          Aleks Paunovic as Detective Osgard

Release Date - February 8, 2019 (United States)

Genre - Action, Thriller

Directed by - Hans Petter Moland

Produced by - Finn Gjerdrum

                       Stein B. Kvae

                       Michael Shamberg

                       Ameet Shukla

Written by - Frank Baldwin

Based on - 'In Order of Disappearance'

                  by Kim Fupz Aakeson

Music by - George Fenton

Edited by - Nicolaj Monberg

Production Company - StudioCanal

Distributed by - Summit Entertainment

Country - United States

Language - English

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