Chicken Curry Law

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Chicken Curry Law
'Chicken Curry Law' movie poster, image credit: IMDb

"Chicken Curry Law" is an upcoming Indian Hindi-language drama film directed by Shekhar Sirrinn. It is distributed by Panorama Studios. It is scheduled to be theatrically released in India on 9 August 2019.

The story revolves around a foreign national, Maya Johnson, who comes to India to build career but being raped by two politically influenced men. Local social activist, Satya Deshmukh, finds Maya on the Mumbai streets naked and rescues her. Deshmukh contacts lawyer Sitapati Shukla to fights her case. What follows is a courtroom drama, victim blaming, and the need for justice.

Cast - Nivedita Bhattacharya Satya Deshmukh
           Natalia Janoszek as Maya Johnson
           Ashutosh Rana as Sitapati Shukla
           Makrand Deshpande as Mutthu Swamy
           Ganesh Pai as Makiya
           Zakir Hussain as Sharad Joshi
           Aman Verma as Chagan Patil

Release Date - August 9, 2019

Genre - Drama

Directed by - Shekhar Sirrinn

Produced by - Shankar K. N.
                          Amit Kumar
                          Sukhdev Singh

Written by - Shekhar Sirrinn

Music by - Shekhar Sirrinn

Cinematography - Suresh Beesaveni

Edited by - Shadab Khan

Production Company - Seven Hillss Cine Creations

Distributed by - Panorama Studios

Country - India

Language - Hindi

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