Celebrities take up viral #10YearChallenge

Celebrities take up viral #10YearChallenge
Sonam Kapoor, Dia Mirza, image credit Instagram

Every now and then the world gets excited over some social media challenge or the other.

At the moment, netizens are obsessed with the #10YearChallenge in which one is supposed to post a picture of themselves from ten years ago along with their current photo.

Celebrities across the globe are not behind either! From Bollywood diva Sonam Kapoor to Hollywood superstar Anne Hathaway, everyone is taking part in the challenge.

Here's what the stars posted:

Sonam Kapoor Ahuja: #10yearchallenge #23to33 from DELHI 6 to ek Ladki Ko Dekha toh AISA Laga.. do you think I got dads genes??? @anilskapoor

Anne Hathaway: Wow. Check out 2009 me trying so hard not to do anything wrong. Check out 2019 me doing what feels right. Wicked sweet #10YearChallenge

Ellen DeGeres: #10yearchallenge. I never realized how differently I hold my hand now.

Bipasha Basu: #10yearchallenge seems fun...love how life makes us all go through so many phases... even in the way we look... I have no reason to complain... life has been awesome in these last 10 years... looking forward always #loveyourself #grateful #lovelife ( Race to my new film #Aadat)

Reese Witherspoon: Time sure does fly when you are having fun!! #10YearChallenge

Jessica Biel: What a difference ten years can make! Although I do still have a lot of love for my tan lines, hoops and blonde days... #10YearChallenge

Dia Mirza: So here it is, my #10YearChallenge! At 27 and 37!

Last year the Kiki challenge, 'Hum Fit Toh India Fit' challenge and Falling Stars challenge had gone viral on social media.

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