5 Weddings

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5 Weddings
'5 Weddings' movie poster, image credit: Firstpost

5 Weddings is an upcoming Indian-American film directed by Namrata Singh Gujral.

An American journalist travels to India to cover Bollywood weddings, only to have a liaison officer assigned to the project, whose sole job is to prevent any journalistic espionage under India's Censorship Laws. As the coverage of Bollywood weddings unfolds, so does a colorful mosaic of lost loves, transgender tangles and culture clashes along the heartfelt journey of life, symbolized by the universal ups and downs of a wedding celebration. 

Cast - Rajkummar Rao as Officer Harbhajan Singh

          Nargis Fakhri as Shania Dhaliwal

          Bo Derek as Mandy Singh Dhaliwal

          Candy Clark as Claudia Burrell

          Anneliese van der Pol as Whitney Simmons

          Shiwani Saini as Devika

          Suvinder Vicky as Commissioner Gill

          Saru Maini as Bhavna

          Mariana Vicente as Alexa DuPont

          Dawn Richard as Lydia Duniyer

          Diljott as Harleen

          Robert Palmer Watkins as Mark Cottell

Releasing Date - 10 May 2018 (Cannes Film Festival)

                            24 August 2018 (India)

Genre - Comedy/Romance/Drama

Directed by - Namrata Singh Gujral

Produced by - Namrata Singh Gujral

Music by - Christopher French

Cinematography - Christo Bakalov

Edited by - Steve Mirkovich

Production company - Uniglobe Entertainment

Country - USA



Language - English


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